Hard Questions For Americans on Syrian Refugees

Syrian Refugee Crisis

With the ever looming threat of terrorism at home, the rise of ISIS, and now the devastating attacks on Paris, it is easy to understand why many Americans would second guess our decision to take in Syrian refugees. All across the world citizens from various nations are doing their best…

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What the Pundits and Experts Fail to Understand about the Bernie Sanders Phenomenon

There is something very interesting happening in American politics today, something which has the potential to drastically shift the direction of the country for decades to come. The longest serving independent congressman in U.S history, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, is running for president… and boy is he making waves. As he…

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Gay Marriage, Equality, and Social Progress: A Secular Response to Matt Walsh

In the days following the supreme court’s decision to legalize gay marriage across the country, blogger Matt Walsh published a series of articles condemning the decision and responding to the general criticism he received from readers. Unfortunately, the internet is often a place for anonymous insults rather than honest debate. As Matt…

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The Greatest Resource

Mongolian Children with One.Laptop

There are many reasons why you should be excited, nay! Deliriously enthusiastic about our future. The incredible growth of technology, the democratization of the world, the slow but steady decline of racism, sexism, and segregation, and the societal focus on personal freedom with its increasing emphasis on happiness are just…

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The Numbers Don’t Lie


It has become common place in our society, particularly in the United States, to put a quick end to debates by stating both parties simply have a difference of opinion. The problem is, of course, that a vast majority of issues are demonstrably not a matter of opinion. Your favorite flavor of…

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Proof Requires No Explanation


A common charge against skeptical and scientific thinking is that we deny those things we cannot explain. I have often heard rebuttals such as “just because you don’t understand it does not mean it doesn’t exists,” or “not everything in this world can fit into a test-tube and be tested…

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Why Secular Nirvana?

Buddha Meditating to Nirvana

As someone completely new to blogging (and partially coerced into the practice), I can think of no other topic for my first post than a description or presentation of the main themes to follow. At best I can provide a glimpse into what motivated me to begin this blog, as…

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